Tips about Searching

What follows are some pointers on how to search our inventory:

There are several ways to search the inventory by filtering.

You can either search by title, author/editor, or year of publication. It is not necessary to enter the whole title, name, or year, but it will be enough to give a part of it. This will display all items that contain this part in the respective data field. You can also combine multiple search fields. Clicking on "Filter" will return to you a list of items which agree with the search parameters.


Search by title: You can enter "Biblische Geschichte" or just "gesch".
Search by author / editor: You can enter "Martin Luther" or just "mart".
Search by year: You can search for any book particularly from "1856" or just any book from 1800 to 1899. The latter will be achieved by entering "18".
Search by book no.: It is necessary to know the exact book number in advance.

The amount of results depends on how specific a phrase you are searching. If you leave the field empty and hit Enter you will get a list of all items in the inventory. By clicking on "Reset all filters" you will return to the complete list.

In case there are too many results, please refine the search with a more exact search term.

Via "Sorted by ..." you can arrange the list in ascending or descending order of the respective parameter.

For specific requests regarding the inventory, please use the contact form.

Enjoy your search!